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Monthly Ad Spend


Average Client ROAS


Monthly Revenue Generated

12.7 Months

Average Client Lifespan in Months
Why us?

What makes Perfomand so different from the rest?

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Focus On The Right Metrics For Growth & Profitability
Only Senior Media Buyers
Seamless Communication
No Long-Lerm Contracts
100% Risk Free Deal
Work With Experts With 97% Success Rate
Constant Reports
Focus On The Right Metrics For Growth & Profitability
Only Senior Media Buyers
Seamless Communication
No Long-Term Contracts
100% Risk Free Deal
Work With Experts With 97% Success Rate
Constant Reports
Other Agencies


Full Funnel Marketing Strategy

Take your brand’s revenue to the next level

We use our unique mechanism called PPC Acceleration blueprint to create a full funnel marketing approach.
Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value

Prioritize the right KPI’s for long-term growth

We look at new customer acquisition cost and customer lifetime value over other metrics to make sure your brand grows year over year.
We Challenge The Status Quo

No “set up once and forget” approach

We are looking for new ways to improve your brand’s performance every single week.
Add An Unsaturated Sales Channel

Scale your brand by adding Youtube ads

If you have high-quality creatives from Facebook or TikTok, they can be repurposed for YouTube ads
Case Studies

Results that drops your Jaw


€721K in revenue with a 4.13 ROAS over the past 1.5 Years

  • We scaled a new ad account from almost 0. When they came to us, their Google Merchant Center was suspended & their tracking was not correctly set up. Their old agency was running Search ads without tracking.
  • We started by fixing the tracking and optimising the data feed. Overall, we leveraged the power of Performance Max by dividing the products into following campaigns for each country: best sellers, new arrivals & sale items. Display & Discovery dynamic remarketing campaigns account for 17% of total revenue. They were originally going to give up on Google as a channel, but now, Google is the most profitable marketing channel for their brand.
Ad Spend
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$428K revenue with a 5.17 ROAS

  • When Lynk Fragrances came to us they were running a basic Search campaign on Google. Because they were not running Shopping ads, some resellers decided to take advantage of it. They were running Shopping ads by selling Lynk Fragrances products and were profiting.
  • We started with data feed optimisation to get rid of those affiliates. We gradually introduced new campaign types like Search Non-Brand, Performance Max, Discovery and Display. The spend increased by 66%, the revenue has more than doubled and the ROAS went from 4.13 to 5.17.
Ad Spend
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Spent $51.4K profitably with a 4.38 ROAS

  • When AquaPure came to us their Google Merchant Center was suspended & they wanted to expand their presence on Google by running Shopping ads. They experienced some competition from Amazon that was bidding on their brand name.
  • We were able to unsuspend the Google Merchant Center & bring additional scale with Performance Max. We also switched the brand campaign to target Impression Share and were able to be on top of Amazon in the paid search results.
Ad Spend
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$101K in revenue with a ROAS of 5.89 in only 74 days

  • When Dainely came to us, they were in the early stages and only advertising on Meta. They had zero presence on Google Ads. The ad account was initially suspended for circumvention & the Google Merchant center was suspended for Misrepresentation. Luckily we were able to fix both.
  • Starting from ground zero on Google we began by setting up a brand search & standard shopping campaign. Slowly we introduced a DSA campaign and Display & Discovery remarketing campaigns. We were able to generate $101K in revenue with a ROAS of 5.89 in the first 74 days of running ads. 
Ad Spend
I want the same results!

Get Started with 3 easy steps



Before we break down the strategy, we need to get a baseline of the current customers & audiences already interested in the products.



Once identified, the next step is to optimize your data feed to ensure that the most relevant information is updated to the Google Merchant Center.



Finally, a solid Google Ads strategy can be developed to drive more targeted traffic to your website and boost conversions.

Don’t take just our word for it... Here’s Some Organic Reviews

"I've been looking at Google ads. You've done a great job there. Has grown a lot since you started"


"Very happy with the work you did this first month, looking forward to scaling my baby to the moon with you"


"Thank you very much for the work done. You have been a great partner for our brand"


Get Started

Start scaling your brand today with The Right partner

Book a call to see if we'd be a good fit for your brand.
For brands that do +$30k/m
Have a budget over $5k/m
Google Tag manager review & setup
Google Merchant Center Review & Setup
Shopify review & set up (Google Shopping + Dynamic Remarketing + Tracking)
Google ads strategy
Campaigns optimizations
Niche & avatar analysis
Ad copy creation
Negative Keywords list
Placement exclusions list
Weekly, bi-weekly, monthy optimizations
Weekly performance updates


We care about delivering great results. We have no incentive to pressure you into anything you don't want to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions.
What are your prices?
This is what we have our call for! It'll totally depend on what type of service we end up suggesting you after discussing with the team.
Do you have any guarantees?
We do not guarantee results. Guarantees are often used by amateurs hungry for your business. A good agency should be able to showcase their systems, processes, talented team members, and case studies. These aspects mitigate your risk and demonstrate their commitment to excellence. A guarantee won’t.
Who is this for?
We work mainly with E-commerce brands that generate $30k/m & have a budget over $5k/m.

If your brand is smaller or you need any kind of lead generation, feel free to also book a call & we will see if we can help you.

But we don't work with new businesses that don't have a valid proof of concept.
Do you provide free audits for the ad account?
Yes. We encourage you to require a free audit before starting to work together.
How will you be different from our current agency?
We don't consider ourself a traditional agency. We are boutique agency with a small team that generates great results. You will be in direct communication with the founder - Vasile. We actually care about results.

On top of that, we bring real-growth by focusing on the right metrics like New Customer Acquisition , Customer Lifetime Value, etc.

We also offer fast communication, our reply times are under 3 hours.

And we have no long term contracts.
How do I know this will work for my business?
Simply put, no one can guarantee this will work for every business. However, this is exactly why we have the extensive custom audit free of charge. Having this as a standard part of our system allows us to fully understand your business and move forward only when we are confident that we can achieve results for your business. We can confidently say that this is as close as you can get to a guarantee.
How long are your contracts?
Rolling month to month agreements , you don’t have to worry about long-term contracts or traditional agency headaches.
What can I expect on the initial call?
We will assess your current situation, your desired outcome, and if it is appropriate, conduct a Google ads account audit after asking a series of relevant metric based questions.
How long does it take before you start to see great results?
It depends on your brand, but usually around 60 days.
Do you provide creatives for YouTube ads?
No, we only focus on one service. We can recommend you a partner for sourcing high converting creatives.
How long does a client stay with you on average?
We are looking for long-term partnerships. Our clients stay with us for 12.7 months on average.
What channels do you manage?
We only manage Google/Youtube ads. We focus on one channel & we do it well.
What's included in your service?
- Competitor analysis report
- Keyword research
- Audience insight report 
- Full account audit 
- Google analytics review & setup 
- Google Tag manager review & setup 
- Google Merchant Center Review & Setup 
- Shopify review & set up (Google Shopping + Dynamic Remarketing + Tracking)
- Google ads strategy 
- Campaigns optimizations 
- Niche & avatar analysis 
- Ad copy creation 
- Negative Keywords list 
- Placement exclusions list 
- Weekly & month optimizations 
- Weekly performance updates